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75 to 175 lbs. capacity

Single Ball Race

90 - 300 lbs. capacity

01 Series

120 to 175 lbs. capacity

TS01 Series

70 - 175 lbs. capacity

02 Series

120 - 175 lbs. capacity

TS02 Series

210 - 300 lbs. capacity

64 Series

300 - 1,200 lbs. capacity

52 Series

300 - 1,200 lbs. capacity

KP Series

300 - 1,800 lbs. capacity

KP3 Series

540 - 4,000 lbs. capacity

KP4 Series

670 - 6,000 lbs. capacity

KP9 Series

2,400 - 20,000 lbs. capacity

KP12 Series

3,500 - 20,000 lbs. capacity

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White Nylon Wheels

  White nylon wheels may be the answer… A white nylon wheel made by Albion is preferred in packing and food processing plants. They are resistant to wash down with cleaning chemicals. They can also be cleaned with steam. Made from injected nylon they roll easily and are abrasion resistant. They are available in 3” to 8” diameters, and capacities up to 1100 lbs. They can be equipped with Delrin or precision bearings that require no lubrication. The 5 x 2 Swivel casters 64WNB0520S are $12.26 each and the 5 X 2 Rigid casters 64WNB0520R are $11.25 each. The wheels NWB0520-08 are $8.66 each. All have sealed precision, maintenance free, ball bearings and have a capacity of 600 pounds each. Call 1-800-526-3087 and we will keep you rolling.
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Dual Wheel Caster

Dual wheel casters for moving heavy loads

Heavy duty, dual wheel casters, are used in many applications. In the aerospace industry, three are listed here. Moving ground support equipment, moving tail stands that allow maintenance to be performed on aircraft, or moving heavy fragile loads.
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