8" x 2" Polyurethane On Iron Swivel Caster-2

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8" x 2" Polyurethane On Iron Swivel Caster-2

8" x 2" Polyurethane On Iron Swivel Caster-2

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  • Medium Duty

  • Capacity of 1200 lbs

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This 8" x 2" Polyurethane on Iron Kingpinless Swivel Caster is an exemplary caster for those who must carry heavy weight loads with immense ergonomic ease while also rejecting debris and reducing interruption caused by failed casters, and flawed flooring. Polyurethane caster wheels operate so astonishingly well during pushing and pulling because they feature polyurethane tread of the industry-standard, chemically bonded to an iron core.  All polyurethane wheels include a sealed precision ball bearing or roller bearing for performance in applications that encompass constant halts, jolts and jerks. This particular caster combines the polyurethane wheel with Atlanta Caster’s zinc-coated kingpinless-swivel rig. This rig lugs significant weight loads, performs superbly in Towlines and offers great durability because of its absence of a kingpin.
  • SKU:
  • Rigid/Swivel:
  • Fork Type:
    Zinc Plated
  • Wheel Type:
    Polyurethane On Iron
  • Wheel Core:
  • Item:
  • Swivel Design:
  • Diameter:
  • Width:
  • Height:
  • Capacity:
    1200 lbs
  • Mount:
    Top Plate
  • Mount Plate Size:
    4 X 4-1/2
  • Application:
    Medium Duty
  • Series:
  • Bolt Hole Pattern:
    2-5/8 X3-5/8
  • Industry:

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