Colors of the Rainbow... In a wheel?

Colors of the Rainbow... In a wheel?

Posted by howard on Jun 1st 2017

pencils-389995_960_720A big corporation wants wheels that have their trademark colors. Your favorite university wants wheels with their school colors … Is this possible?

It is now!

The caster industry traditionally avoided this question. When they considered it, there were big minimums and even bigger costs.  However, wheel manufacturers recognize changing trends and now want to offer products in color of choice. Supply a swatch, a sample wheel or even color on the internet for your wheel idea.

Here are a couple tips to help you decide if this is right decision for you:

  1. Although minimum runs are dramatically reduced, factories still need to consider each request to see if it’s feasible. I would suggest over 100 pieces as a starting point.
  2. Be flexible on wheel specifications. You might have a size of wheel in mind or have a capacity per wheel that you’re trying to reach.  Tell us what’s important, then we will present the best option.

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