Soft High Temperature Wheels

Soft High Temperature Wheels

Posted by howard on Mar 17th 2016



Two industries have troubles with high temperature wheels. The bakery rack users have wheels that crack or separate under heat.  Medical labs and hospitals have autoclave wheels that are noisy and not floor protective.  Our industry heard these complaints and produced a wheel that solves both!

It’s a “soft tread/high temp” wheel. Here are details:

A proprietary soft non marking rubber is “co-molded” to a core making a one piece wheel (translation—it won’t come apart!) Rubber material is non-marking, quiet, and floor protective.  Core can be either stainless or a high temperature composite material. Normally, stainless bearings are used.  Wheel sizes are the popular 4” to 6” diameters.

Temperature rating is 425 degrees continuous, 460 degrees intermittent. Load capacity is not diminished by softness; in fact, it actually is 25 pounds greater than similar wheels. Because of its properties, it is ideal in wash down applications and offers superior resistance to oil, grease, and most cleaning solutions.

This may be the high temp solution you want. If you have more questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to call1-800-526-3087!