Why would I choose glass filled nylon?

Why would I choose glass filled nylon?

Posted by howard on Jun 30th 2017

Before we answer that, we need to know what nylon is. Nylon is a synthetic material that possesses high tensile strength.  Doesn’t mark, takes impact and won’t chip, very hard, and works well in a variety of chemicals.  Glass filled nylon is nylon filled with fiberglass to increase strength and ability.

A North American producer of quality glass filled nylon wheels has three important reasons to consider this type of material

  • IMPACT AND CHIP RESISTANCE. You need a wheel that can take shock without breaking apart
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT HAS CAPACITY. You’re moving a heavy load but don’t want a heavy wheel.
  • WORKS WELL INSIDE AND OUTSIDE.   You’re using product in a variety of conditions.

There may not be a more “universal” wheel offered. Wide range of sizes from as small as 2” in diameter up to 10” overall.  It’s a high heat solution and is one of our favorites in this environment.  As you can see on our website, this choice is an economical one.

It’s not perfect. Nylon is hard so there could be noise.  Also, softer wood floors might be at risk of damage but that only would be under max load.

Our next discussion is phenolic, one of the most common wheels in the market. As we talk about that wheel, remember this glass filled nylon as an alternate.  The industry believes nylon will replace phenolic at some point.  We’ll bounce that around next time.